The LeadIn Team


Sanja’s touch is gold. Her enthusiasm, compassion, wit and grit is evident in how she approaches the world of marketing. As the founder of the original agency that eventually grew to become LeadIn Media, Sanja’s influence and impact has been transformative not only for the agency, but for each and every client.


As one of the originating founders of LeadIn, Michael has an inherent understanding of people, and has a unique perspective on marketing and branding strategy. Michael’s approach has benefited and scaled a myriad of brands over the last four years, and is consistently focused on innovation, optimization and growth.


As a writer and editor, corporate communications specialist, content creator, educator, coach and mentor, Anna’s goal, always, is to craft and deliver impassioned content, melodic weavings of words that sparkle, captivate… and of course, convert.


Uros’ trademark: understanding client expectation and providing bespoke functionality through their websites, strategically incorporating best practices through UI/UX


Dragan is the true definition of a creator, weaving together color and design into functional and thrilling brand visuals


Curious, creative and committed: Matteo’s sincere interest in strategy and smart solutions is what attracted him to the magic that is PPC


Bojana is a multilinguist with a passion for foreign languages, a love of people, and a passion for service

Let’s LeadIn Together.