let's leadin together

Work with LeadIn Social for a bespoke, proactive, and non-automated outreach campaign that goes beyond the basics and takes your communication strategy to the next level.


Our Approach

At LeadIn Social, we take the human approach to LinkedIn Marketing. Our specialized team has the skills and knowledge to provide a personalized service to understand your market and desired outcomes. We deliver measurable results for our clients. If you’re looking for a LinkedIn marketing service with a human touch, we’re the ideal choice for you.


Meet the founders


Since 2018, Sanja and Michael have been providing clients with people-based marketing services. Founded to combat the influx of bot-based LinkedIn marketing services, both Michael and Sanja believe in taking the human approach to LinkedIn – leading to the creation of LeadIn Social, a bot-free marketing service.


Different From The Rest

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    Our proactive services are built around our experience and knowledge of LinkedIn marketing and how we utilize those skills for your specific brand goals and needs. This allows us to improve your lead generation process and achieve excellent results.

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    We believe in the human-first approach, which means genuine, authentic connection as part of our lead generation process.

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    We provide a dedicated growth specialist, including team support for your specific campaign needs, ensuring a more collaborative outcome.

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    We believe in the human-first approach, which means genuine, real connections as part of our lead generation process. We get the job done and provide complete clarity in the process.

Our Services

brand strategy

Our personalized approach seeks to understand your brand story and messaging, target market, and desired outcomes. In so doing, we take conversion tracking to another data-driven level; thus, we create a straightforward and prosperous strategy for your campaign.

linkedin profile build

We will create or rework existing social profiles to optimize your platform to get and keep your audience's attention. With the proper foundation, success on LinkedIn is possible – and we provide that foundation with brand-specific recommendations for your LinkedIn profile.

lead generation

All of our campaigns are performed by HUMAN beings, no bots or automation. In 2020, we sent over 100,000 outbound messages for our clients, resulting in a 4% "cold to calendar" conversion rate. That's 4,000 meetings booked for our clients to successfully close sales, deals, and collaborations.

content creation

With over 150 million views on LinkedIn in just three years, LeadIn Social is equipped with the expertise to create or co-create content and marketing strategy success in the B2B and B2C space. We take your existing platform and build upon it with relevant, high-quality, authentic content that gets and keeps the attention of your target audience.

linkedin coaching

Looking for advice and insight into how to make LinkedIn work for you? Our specialized team can provide all the knowledge you need to make the most out of the LinkedIn platform, from the basics to advanced strategies and skills to achieve brand awareness and incredible lead generation.

white label

Ready to scale your own business with a "plug and play" and experienced LinkedIn Marketing? Our lead generation and content strategy services serve as the perfect add-on to your current services and help your clients deliver measurable results.

Our Packages

Our range of packages is designed to suit all budgets and business requirements, whether you’re simply looking to start small or want to go all-out on your LinkedIn marketing.